Paver patios are a great way to give your backyard a great look and functional space. Whether you pick natural stone, porcelain, or concrete pavers we will make a great space. Our team will meet with you and walk through everything you are looking for and come up with a custom design to fit your unique space. Check out our design process to see how we can get started or inquire with us through the contact page.
What Makes Paver Patios so Great:

Due to their being so many options to choose from, paver patios are a great way to get exactly what you want with the long term durability you expect. This durability is due to the great lengths we go into building your patios right and having properly graded and compacted foundations. To see get into our build process more check out our Paver Foundation and Build Page.

Why Pavers over Concrete?

Concrete will dry out

Concrete will crack, this is why all concrete patios and walks have control joints

With pavers our foundations run almost a foot underneath the top surface of the patio which is pivotal to control/limit settling. Also with pavers there are significantly more control joints to maintain a perfect look even when the inevitable little bit of settling occurs. On top of this the over all look and surface finish is un-beat by anything outside. This look has been refined over decades of manufacturing and coloring processes

Check out our Inspiring Projects page if you’d like to get more ideas!