Paver Patio – Landry

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Location: Greenwood, IN

Recommend Budget: $65,000

Size: 900 sq ft

Purpose: Re-imagine Space, Easy Maintenance, Large Entertainment Space

This project started with the homeowners’ wanting to remove their deck that the builder installed and upgrade it to a better living space. Initially it was just going to be a smaller patio with pergola, but after many design iterations it became something to entertain larger parties at. As the process went on and they saw how great everything was looking they added on improving the front landscaping along with replacing all their existing turf with new sod. When it was all said and done, we replaced everything in the back and built a whole new and great living space for them to enjoy for years to come.

Features: CategoriesDecretive Rock, Fire Pit, Inspiring, Landscaping, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Living, Patios, Pergola, Retaining Walls, Seating Wall, Sod, Structures

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