Features: Categories$25,000-$50,000, Fencing, Landscaping, Mulch, Patios, Pergola, Structures

Westfield Pergola

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  • Cedar Pergola, concepted to add covered space to the backyard
  • Privacy Wall, built to add a secluded element to the yard
  • Simple brushed concrete base.
  • For Mowing Services, visit Precision Cut Lawn LLC.

Location: Westfield, IN

Patio Size: 140 Sq. Ft

Structure Size: 10’x14′

Screen Size: 6′ x 8′

Recommended Budget: $10,000

Features: CategoriesPatios, Pergola, Structures, Under $25,000

Morse Reservoir Deck

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  • Custom built cedar structure, modified to connect the deck to the existing sun-room entrance.
  • Additional property development, such as a porch door install.
  • For lawn mowing services, please visit Precision Cut Lawn LLC.

There’s a lot of beauty in the simple things. This deck installation close to Morse Reservoir helped elevate this deck space to new heights.

Location: Morse Reservoir

Deck Size: 400 Sq. Ft

Features: CategoriesDecks, Structures, Under $25,000