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The homeowners wanted a separate space away from their deck. They wanted to be able to enjoy wood burning fires and be able to look out over their pond in the backyard. To achieve this we ended up having to build a patio roughly three feet off the ground. Because of this height we were able to build raised planter beds that really added to the character of the patio. Upon the owners request, we ended up redoing their front landscaping beds to tie in the look of the patio. We finished off by building a paver pathway between their current deck and the newly built patio.

Location: Franklin-township, Indianapolis, IN

Recommend Budget: $40,000 +

Size: 400 Sq. Ft

Features: Categories$25,000-$50,000, Decretive Rock, Fire Pit, Inspiring, Landscaping, Outdoor Living, Patios, Retaining Walls, Seating Wall

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