Franklin Township Retaining Wall, Fire pit & Patio


Travertine paver patio with natural cooling and slip resistant texture.

Retaining wall rebuild and restoration, developed by recycling the client’s deteriorating blocks.

Firepit space with a stone walkway and perimeter landscaping.

Custom landscaping, installed to create personal privacy around the firepit and pool areas.

Black aluminum fencing, linking the fire pit and pool spaces together.

Playground pad build and mulch installation.

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Location: Avon, IN

Recommended Budget:

$100,000 – $250,000

Retaining Wall Renovation

At the start of this build, the existing retaining wall was in the process of failing. It served as the support of the pool, so reinstalling it correctly was critical. Our team worked to tear down, clean, and refurbish the existing wall and block, with a goal of creating a sustainable support base. Recycling the older block saved the homeowners a substantial amount of capital, given the extended length of the previous wall.

Paver Patio Install

With the existing concrete in place, we worked in a new travertine surface over the top of the previous materials. Pool coping and finishes were restored, in order to link the spaces together for consistency. The travertine elements featured built-in natural cooling, with slip resistance, creating a safer walkway throughout. Upon completion, the 15 year old patio had been upgraded to a sleeker, modern design.

Fire Pit Addition

After our team had finished installing the pool deck and restoring the retaining wall, our clients decided they wanted to install a fire pit. Their vision was to add a new element linked to the pool deck while maintaining their privacy. We decided to install landscaping elements that would ensure their yard remained secluded, and created an area with a natural stone path, leading to a firepit and patio.

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