About Us

About Us:

Precision Outdoors is a local Landscaping Company that has been servicing the Greater Indianapolis area for the last 18 years. We are a sister company of Precision Cut Lawn Service, LLC, having branched off due to the specialized nature of the exterior industry.


Our company founders, Caleb and Roy, started as a father encouraging his son to work and be the local lawn care kid. By the time Caleb was starting college the few lawns a week grew into more than a full time job for several guys. From there we’ve built into a premier provider for almost anything outside through a series of companies.


Caleb Harbert

Managing Partner and Founder

Caleb has been in the industry since he was a kid and loves everything about outside. He went to Purdue for Mechanical Engineering but ended up putting this on hold to pursue the company full time. Caleb runs our Outdoor Living and Design side of the company and focuses on helping homeowners create their dream backyards.


Roy Harbert


Roy has been in the industry off and on since the 1970s. He also was an Environmental Scientist with IDEM. Roy graduated from IU with a bachelors in Environmental Sciences and has a Masters in Counseling.


Cassie Harbert

Partner and Office Manager/Designer

Cassie graduated from Purdue University in 2013 with a Biology Degree. She also ended up taking one for the team and marrying Caleb and helping us all be more organized. After some time she joined Precision due to her amazing ability to organize and get stuff done. Cassie runs all things behind the scenes and makes sure everyone gets everything done smoothly.


Jesse Harbert

Partner and Lead Installer

Jesse Harbert has been in the industry since he was a kid. He always got roped into helping Caleb cut grass and landscape and it’s just built from there. Jesse specializes in leading our outdoor living and hardscapes install teams and leads almost all the of our builds onsite.



Crew Leaders:

Michael Van Skyock

Outdoor Living and Structures

Michael is the newest addition to our team. He holds a bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue University and is by far the most skilled of our group. Michael met Caleb and Cassie at Purdue and ended up becoming Caleb’s roommate while the company was really growing into what it’s become today. He joined the team to start leading our most complex and structural builds.