the gardens by
precision outdoors
phase one

our goals

We plan to use the home as an office/design studio and the grounds around it as our outdoor display/gardens. In the back, we will run our crews and park/store all of our materials. The gardens that we plan to build for the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show will be brought to our Design Studio for showcasing. Here are a few links to our gardens from previous and future shows!





phase two

Phase two is showcasing what we may do in the future. Ultimately, we believe we will be bought out by a large developer but if we can’t come to terms, or we’re are able to, we hope to do something awesome like this! Ultimately it is an:

Outdoor Venue and Hangout Space: This will be geared towards families and family friendly entertainment. Our goal would be lawn games, food trucks and pop up shops to help provide an awesome family spot. Furthermore, to help showcase local boutiques and other small businesses, we want to do pop-up shops (we love the look of modernized shipping containers for them to come out and display their items but not have to do a permanent store front). Additionally, we would have a white event barn to help house weddings or local booster events/book clubs/etc. 

Kids Play Cafe: Also, since we have little kids, we have noticed that outside of our local parks…there isn’t much for our kids to do on the Southside. One of our goals will be a kids play cafe where parents and their children can come, hangout and have a ton of fun as a family! We have loved these types of places when we travel and want to build something similar.

Seasonal Events: Because will have the BoHo Co and plenty of cool bounce houses and other things, we may do major holiday events for families to come out and have a blast and hangout (similar to Waterman Farms or Kelsay Farms fall fest event spaces).

We are here to help you!

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